007 – September ’72

The kids are back to school and we’re making a study of one of the finest months in Grateful Dead history: September 1972. This time around we also have our first ever guest, Andy, bringing his knowledge and enthusiasm to the show.

The music on this episode ranges wildly and the conversation does too. 

Set 1

Morning Dew (9/16),  Greatest Story Ever Told (9/28), China Cat Sunflower (9/23) > I Know You Rider (9/09), Black Peter (9/10), Playing In the Band (9/16)


Set 2

He’s Gone > Truckin’ (9/10),  Dark Star (9/16) > El Paso (9/10) > Other One > Wharf Rat > Sugar Magnolia (9/28) 

We hope you enjoy this seventh episode and tell a friend to check us out.

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