005 – Grateful Americana

This month on the Brokedown Podcast we take a look at the Grateful Dead’s lyrical Americana. More an overview than a deep-dive, we’re going to cover a fair bit of ground like a freight with a good signal and a head of steam.

The music is broken into two sets of great live music, with discussion before and after each. So fire this up along with the backyard barbecue and have yourself a real good time.

Set I

Promised Land 1990-07-19, Brown Eyed Women 1974-03-23, Jack Straw 1987-04-06, Peggy-O 1977-09-03, Stars And Stripes Forever 1972-11-19, Me & My Uncle > Cumberland Blues 1989-07-17, Dire Wolf 1969-06-27, BT Wind 1974-03-23, Lazy River Road 1993-09-22, Music Never Stopped 1977-09-03

Set II

Tennessee Jed 1982-10-10, Truckin’ > Nobody’s Fault But Mine Jam > The Other One > Drums > Jam > Weather Report Suite 1973-10-23, US Blues, Uncle John’s Band 1974-06-23

We hope you enjoy this fifth episode and tell a friend to check us out.

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