Episode 4: Can You Hear Us? The New Puget Sound

In the finale of Breaking Waves: Seattle, we look at the collapse of the scene in 1997, and how Seattle struggled to find a new musical identity. From the ashes of grunge, a new scene began to form, focused around emerging genres such as indie rock and electronic music.


We wrap up the series by looking at the legacy of grunge, and examine the bands that followed, and new artists who are taking Seattle in new musical directions. We’ll hear from Ben Gibbard, Sir Mix-a-Lot, Ayron Jones, Eva Walker, label executive Josh Rosenfeld, and many others as they describe how Seattle’s current wave of musicians have continued to build from the DIY foundation created by the pioneers of the ‘90s. The final episode of Breaking Waves: Seattle is both a portrait and a love letter to one of America’s most enduring music scenes.


Breaking Waves was produced for Audacy by Osiris Media. For Audacy, Executive Producers are Tim Murphy and Corey Podolsky. Creative Directors are Dave Richards, Leslie Scott and Ryan Castle. For Osiris Media, Executive Producers are RJ Bee, Kirsten Cluthe and Brad Stratton. The show was produced by Brian Brinkman, and written by Jim Allen. Edited and Mixed by Brad Stratton. Narrated by Ryan Castle.

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