Episode 3: Overblown

On episode three of Breaking Waves: Seattle, we continue the story with Seattle as a dominant force in pop culture. The “Big Four”—Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains—were the preeminent rock acts in the world, and Seattle’s influence could be felt everywhere, in movies, TV, radio and even fashion.


Everybody wanted a piece of the Emerald City, but was the scene ready for that kind of exposure? In this episode, we examine the shock of the grunge boom, the follow-ups to 1991’s groundbreaking releases, the struggles faced by the city’s new grunge celebrities, the loss of Seattle’s most iconic rock legend, and the eventual collapse of the scene due to the heavy weight of expectations and the demands of fame.

Next on Breaking Waves: Seattle: The scene is dead, long live the scene. A proud new generation of Seattle music rises from the ashes of grunge.

Breaking Waves was produced for Audacy by Osiris Media. For Audacy, Executive Producers are Tim Murphy and Corey Podolsky. Creative Directors are Dave Richards, Leslie Scott and Ryan Castle. For Osiris Media, Executive Producers are RJ Bee, Kirsten Cluthe and Brad Stratton. The show was produced by Brian Brinkman, and written by Jim Allen. Edited and Mixed by Brad Stratton. Narrated by Ryan Castle.



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