Episode 2: Here We Are Now, Entertain Us

Episode two of Breaking Waves: Seattle begins with the release of what Charles Cross has labeled “the purest statement” of the grunge movement—the seminal Temple of the Dog album, created in memory of the late Andrew Wood.


At the same time, Pearl Jam was formed, Nirvana was gathering strength and Soundgarden was refining their iconic metal-influenced sound. Then, in the Fall of ‘91, the Seattle scene produced three of the most influential rock albums of all time: Pearl Jam’s “Ten,” Soundgarden’s “Badmotorfinger,” and Nirvana’s “Nevermind.” Following this, there was no going back. Seattle had transformed itself from a small local scene into the center of the musical universe.


Next on Breaking Waves: Seattle: after the scene rides the wave to the top, who will survive the crash that follows?


Breaking Waves was produced for Audacy by Osiris Media. For Audacy, Executive Producers are Tim Murphy and Corey Podolsky. Creative Directors are Dave Richards, Leslie Scott and Ryan Castle. For Osiris Media, Executive Producers are RJ Bee, Kirsten Cluthe and Brad Stratton. The show was produced by Brian Brinkman, and written by Jim Allen. Edited and Mixed by Brad Stratton. Narrated by Ryan Castle.

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