87: Getting Back to Our Roots

Getting Back to Our Roots: A Return to 1996

Since it had been SO long since we dropped a new episode on you all, we thought it best to go back to our roots and play some serious, super sleeper, spring/summer 1996 heat. We head all the way out west to Tacoma, Washington where we find Panic inhabiting the Temple Theater for a smoking two setter that is oftentimes overlooked because of what comes before (5/31 through 6/2) and after (6/5). 6/4 is a special day for the Bluest Tape since, unless nature intervenes, will be the birthday for the newest Kollath child – updates on that to come in the next episode. Anyway, we celebrate all of our good news with the back half of the first set, starting with a killer “It Ain’t No Use” and closing out with a great “(Slow) Porch Song > Mr. Soul.” The middle of the second set here, though, is the fire, especially the first “Do What You Like” since 1991. What a show!

Link below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

04 June 1996 – Tacoma, WA – Temple Theater
Set 1: It Ain’t No Use > Impossible, Pilgrims > Nobody’s Loss, Porch Song > Mr. Soul
Set 2: Worry, I’m Not Alone, Do What You Like, You Got Yours
Source: Neumann KM184