76: “Settle Down, What Do You Think This Is, a Rock n Roll Show?”

“Settle Down, What Do You Think This Is, a Rock n Roll Show?”

Classic Openers, Part 2

Let’s close out the openers show in style, with five burners from days gone by. Harvey kicks things off with his second and third picks, “Send Your Mind” from the great Van Morrison, and a return to the well (so to speak) with a nice “Little Kin” opener from the essential March 1996 show in Johnson City, TN. Jeff comes back with the first of his final two selections: a stellar “Pleas” delivered in front of a rowdy, whiskey-bottle tossing crowd on fraternity/sorority row in Starkville, MS. Jeff then engages in some (probably incorrect) hyperbole by claiming 8/6/00 is the best show from summer 2000 just because he really like the “Holden Oversoul” opener and that “Quarter Tank” from the second set, but whatever, its just like, his opinion, man. Harvey brings some sanity back to the pod with – ADDITIONAL HYPERBOLE ALERT – maybe the best single song in the history of the Bluest Tape. Yep, it’s that kind of episode, folks, so sit back and enjoy!

Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

PICK #5 (HC)
31 December 1995 – Macon, GA – Macon Coliseum
Send Your Mind, Tallboy
Source: SBD/AUD mix

PICK #04 (HC)
28 March 1996 – Johnson City, TN – Freedom Hall
Little Kin, Henry Parsons Died
Source: FOB Schoeps CMC64>sonosax>d10proII by Ryan Varnum

PICK #03 (JK)
16 April 1999 – Starkville, MS – MSU Amphitheater
Pleas > Love Tractor > Pigeons
Source: AKG 481 > Lunatec V2 > GP ADC-20 > DA-P1 by Jamie Syrek

PICK #02 (JK)
06 August 2000 – Winston-Salem, NC – Dixie Fairgrounds
Holden Oversoul > Barstools and Dreamers
Source: FOB Schoeps MK4 > KC5 > CMC6 > Sonosax SX-M2 > HHb PortaDAT by Don Hess

PICK #01
29 December 1997 – Atlanta, GA – Fabulous Fox Theater
Disco > Papa’s Home
Source: FOB/DFC AKG461 > B18 > SBM1 > D8