51: The Chesterfield Chronicles, Vol. 1

The Chesterfield Chronicles, Volume 1

Widespread Panique in Paris 1998

Twenty years ago this month, Widespread Panic embarked on their first Transatlantic journey, landing in Paris for a what has become a legendary ten show run. Playing in front of a crowd that was at least 80-90% American each night out, the band rolled through classics, rarely played favorites, and took some serious setlist risks, too. While the sonic quality of the tapes leaves a bit to be desired, it is pretty amazing to hear the fans up and close personal with the band and their fellow travelers (a lot “Shhhhs” during the run!). All told, these shows represent some of Panic’s finest work, and, really set the stage for the Travelin’ Light Tour. This week, we look at the first five shows, filled with too many highlights to mention. Pay attention, though, to the smoking hot “Love Tractor” from 3/18 and damn fine “It Ain’t No Use” from 3/19. We start the episode chatting with Jonathan Spencer a Panic stalwart from years gone by. He tells the tale of how he sleuthed around and figured out the when and where of the Paris run, and some wild tales from inside the Chesterfield. Enjoy!

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Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

17 March 1998 – Paris, FRA – Chesterfield Cafe
Jam > I’m Not Alone > Tie Your Shoes > Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
Source: AKG 481 > Sonosax SX-M2 > SBM-1

18 March 1998 – Paris, FRA – Chesterfield Cafe
And It Stoned Me > Love Tractor > Just Kissed My Baby
Source: FM SBD > DAT

19 March 1998 – Paris, FRA – Chesterfield Cafe
It Ain’t No Use > Fishwater
Source: FOB EV-RE20 > SBM-1 > D8 by Michael Wilker

20 March 1998 – Paris, FRA – Chesterfield Cafe
Vacation > Diner > Papa Legba
Source: FOB Neumann KM140 > Beyer MV100 > SBM-1 by Kurt Vile

21 March 1998 – Paris, FRA – Chesterfield Cafe
Going Out West > Dream Song
Source: FOB Neumann KM140 > Beyer MV100 > SBM-1 by Kurt Vile


Cover art photo courtesy of Jonathan Spencer