5: “This World Is Nuts”

Last week, we gave you the rockin’ part of Spring 2002. This week, we slow it down and look at some of the touching moments from this short and sweet tour through the Southeast. The band, especially Michael Houser, were propelled into greatness by crowds knowing that these shows might be the last time they see the boys from Athens, GA together on stage. Today’s episode highlights the encore from 4/24/02 Savannah, a downcast mid-set “Old Joe” > “This Part of Town” from 4/27/02 at Oak Mountain, and two of the finest, most emotional moments in Panic history, “Don’t Be Denied” from 4/27/02, and the encore from 4/28/02 featuring the crowd-pleaser, “Postcard.”

Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

24 April 2002 – Savannah, GA – Civic Center
City of Dreams > Mr. Soul
Source: Schoeps MK41V > KC5 > M222 > NT222 > AD1000 > HHb PDR-1000, FOB/DFC by Charles Fox

27 April 2002 – Pelham, AL – Oak Mountain Amphitheater
Old Joe > This Part of Town
Help Me Somebody > Don’t Be Denied

Source: {Neumann AK50+LC3+KM100 (XY) -> Oade M148} +
{Neumann AK30+LC3+KM100 (split 2′) -> Oade M148} ->
Soundcraft Spirit Notepad 4-Channel Mixer -> mod SBM1
Recorded By Mike Falcon & Ben Morrison; Transfer: Dat -> Oade DAW -> DSP -> CD -> EAC -> Flac 16 Digitally Remastered and Transfered to CD BY Doug Oade

28 April 2002 – Pelham, AL – Oak Mountain Amphitheater
Trouble, Down, Postcard
Source: Same as 4/27

You Tube: 28 April 2002 Pelham, AL – Oak Mountain Amphitheater – Complete Show