49: “We’re Kind of Like Archaelogists!”

We’re Kind of Like Archaeologists!

Whatever Happened To…???

Songs come and go – not everything can be around for 1,100-plus versions, like “Porch Song” and “Chilly Water.” Some of these songs make you wish they were still in the mix, and others make sense as to why they went away. Tonight, after some serious digging around the archive, we give you a mix of the two. This week, we start out with “Sun Keep,” a cool little Houser-led instrumental from 1990, and follow it up with “Benefactor,” a JB and Sunny rarity only played four times in the early nineties. Next, we visit Tipitina’s in NOLA for “Dog Song” and “Smoke and Burn,” two tracks played quite often but seem to have gone away for good. We close it out with another Houser song, “It Was You,” and “New Blue,” a nice mid-tempo ditty from Fall Tour 2001.

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Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

27 July 1990 – Atlanta, GA – The Cotton Club
Sun Keep > Travelin’ Light
Source: Unknown Camera mic

23 September 1991 – Santa Cruz, CA – The Catalyst
Space Wrangler, Benefactor
Source: SBD

18 May 1992 – New Orleans, LA – Tipitina’s
Mercy > Entering A Blackhole Backwards > Dog Song > Pigeons
Source: Nakamichi cm300/cp4 > Teac DA-P20

26 June 1996 – New Orleans, LA – Tipitina’s
Smoke and Burn > Happy > Wondering
Source: AKG 461 > B18 > SBM-1 by Mike Phelps

13 July 1997 – Hampton, VA – Strawberry Banks
It Was You
Source: FOB AKG 461 > BPS-1s > FP-11s > DA-P20 by DATBRAD

26 October 2001 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer UNO Lakefront Arena
Jam > New Blue
Source: AKG 483 (din, 17cm) > Oade M248 > AD500e by Carl Beck