32: Happy Halloween Ya Buncha Freaks!

Happy Halloween Ya Bunch of Freaks!

As you might imagine, it’s pretty hard to pass up doing a Halloween-themed podcast when the podcast drops on Halloween, so no tricks here – we’re delivering what you, the listening public, wants. Though, instead of placing a bucket of bustouts above your door and dumping it in on you when come by for Whoppers and Oh Henry bars, we go in a different direction by playing some of favorite regular rotation songs from Halloweens past. Things get started with a holiday-appropriate Heaven > Me & the Devil from 1993, pass through Athens 1995 and Chicago 1996, and then land in New Orleans for some fantastic NOLAWeen Panic from 1997-1999. We close it out with one of our favorites, that super sneaky post-drums Galleon from the epic 2000 run. Happy Halloween!

Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

31 October 1993 – Missoula, MT – University Center Ballroom
Heaven > Me & the Devil Blues
Source: DSBD

31 October 1995 – Athens, GA – Classic Center
Driving Song > Junior > Driving Song
Source: Matrix (SBD + EV-RE20’s) by Michael Wilker

31 October 1996 – Chicago, IL – Aragon Ballroom
Hatfield > Conrad
Source: AKG 391 > B18 > D7

31 October 1997 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer Lakefront Arena
Postcard, Travelin’ Light
Source: Neumann km84i > Denecke PS1 > SBM-1 by Mike Phelps

31 October 1998 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer Lakefront Arena
Climb To Safety > Love Tractor
Source: FOB B&K 4011 > V2 > AD1000 by Marc Nutter

31 October 1999 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer Lakefront Arena
Happy Child > Pilgrims > Jam
Source: Schoeps MK4V > CMC6 > Sonosax SX-M2 > Apogee AD1000 > HHb PDR1000 by Charles Fox

29 October 2000 – New Orleans, LA – Kiefer Lakefront Arena
Jam > Galleon
Source: Schoeps MK41 > CMC6 > Oade m248 > AD2K > DA-P20 by Bill Mixon

Photo courtesy of Michael Sheehan – www.furtherimages.com

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