112: JFC, 25 Years? Spring 1996 Recap and Panic 3.0 News

Good Lord, we certainly take our time between episodes, don’t we?

Episode 112 features a massive spring 1996 recap and breakdown (with recs below), plus some Panic 3.0 news and tour dates, along with sound financial advice from Harvey. If you have listened to our pod before, spring 1996 holds a special place in our collective heart – take a listen to any of the shows and you will certainly see why. From the “Little Rock” in North Little Rock on 3/22/96 to he “Fishwater > Help Me Somebody” encore in Charlottesville on 4/28/96, the tour has some of the highest highs that the band ever reached. Plus, we are less than FOUR months away from Panic 3.0 retaking the stage – we can’t wait!

Top 5 Spring 1996 Recommendations:

3/28 Johnson City: Vacation > Rebirtha > Porch Song

3/29 Columbia: Cream Puff War > Hatfield > Arleen

4/1 Augusta: A true greatest hits setlist plus a David Blackmon sit-in

4/3 Huntsville: The #1 all-time Panic show according to The Bluest Tape

4/4 Statesboro: Driving > Chunk of Coal > Driving > Dream Song > Knockin’ Around the Zoo

This week’s musical selection:

21 April 1996 – Tussey Mountain Amp., Boalsburg, PA

Driving Song > Hope in a Hopeless World > Driving Song > Breathing Slow


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