111: I’m From Texas, So I Didn’t Ski, I Watched Perry Mason

“I’m From Texas, So I Didn’t Ski…I Watched Perry Mason”

Sit n Ski, 25 Years Later

JFC, can y’all believe – Sit n Ski was 25 YEARS AGO!

A truly monumental event in the history of the band, it was really a pivot point for what the band would become in 1996 and the remainder of the Houser years. The tour started off with a unique format of solo performances by JB and Houser, new songs and covers, along with a heavy dose of David Blackmon on fiddle, but eventually settled into a groove of stomping, hard-driving Panic with the chairs and acoustics cast aside more often than not.

While we have talked about the tour a bunch, and played several selections over the years (episodes 42 and 43 from 2018), we will take you through the tour on a show-by-show basis, offering up our respective top five tour moments (only one overlap) and delving into such important issues as insurrection, inauguration, Justin Timberlake, and Raisin’ Cane’s chicken strips.

11 February 1996 – Steamboat Springs, CO – Sheraton Ballroom
The Take Out > Proving Ground > Orange Blossom Special > Proving Ground > Porch Song
(with David Blackmon on fiddle)