100: A Big Show for Unprecedented Times


A Big Show for Unprecedented Times

The Bluest Tape @ 100

Well, it took us almost three years, but we finally have made it to our 100th episode! Congrats to us and congrats to you all for sticking with us through all the talk about appliance repair, existential dread, whining about Kentucky basketball, Memphis-related conspiracy theories, and, perhaps most important, the pod’s evolution in how we think about Panic 3.0.

So, episode 100 is a really big show. Not only did we do a live Facebook stream of our video chat, we drop some uncirculated Panic, an analog pull from deep inside the vault, aka “The Closet in Jeff’s Childhood Bedroom.” We also play two really incredible selections from May 23, 1995 in Santa Ana, CA, towards the end of a massive spring tour. The band is in tip-top shape here, and really pushes the limits with a killer first set “Astronomy Domine” (not making it up) and an intense “Chilly > Mr Soul > Chilly” closer. You’re gonna dig it.

Then we announce the bracket for our “Sweet 16 for COVID-19” challenge, an online poll to choose the best Panic show(s) ever. The bracket features 11 band-selected archival releases plus 5 at-large shows. We hope y’all we get involved and help us with this once we get started next week.

Lastly, and perhaps biggest of all, Harvey just did an awesome interview with GUITAR TEACHER REACTS from YouTube. Michael Palmisano has really embraced the live music community of late, breaking down clips of Trey, Jerry, Jimmy, Derek, and now Mikey. Since we aren’t guitar players, we really have no idea what he’s talking about, but it did us well to hear him lavish some praise on Mikey and talk about how technical of a player he really was. Enjoy the interview!

Looks like we’re gonna be in this together for a while. So, wash your hands, stay home, hug your family, walk your dog (or cat if you can somehow manage that), support a local restaurant by ordering take out, order some records from your favorite indie shop (and because Amazon isn’t restocking vinyl right now), and just be safe out there, okay? The pod will be here for you!

[23 May 1995 – Santa Ana, CA – The Galaxy Theater][1]
Set 1: Astronomy Domine > Gimme > Radio Child
Set 2: Space Wrangler > Walkin’, Pilgrims > Entering a Blackhole Backwards > Chilly Water > Mr. Soul > Chily Water