10: According to Google Maps, 21 hours by car

Playing with Intention, Vol. 2

We continue with part 2 of the Playing with Intention theme. Col. Bruce Hampton’s Zambi message of living and playing music with “intention,” stemming from his experience with the band at a show in 1988 with about 25 people in attendance. Basically, the band played for 25 like they were playing for 25,000, and any band that can pull that off – with “intention” – is a band worthy of attention and admiration.

We continue with the next night of the 1998 Australia tour, March 10, 1998 in Adelaide, Australia (according to Google Maps, 21 hours by car from the previous venue in Byron Bay. We look at a huge mid-set segment here,
featuring “some guy” named John Yaku on didgeridoo during Drums. We also come back state side for a sparsely-attended Fall 1998 show in Buffalo – the last show the boys ever played the Nickel City (unless you count a show in 2000 that was cancelled due to lack of ticket sales!)

Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

10 March 1998 – Adelaide, AUS – Gov. Hindmarsh
Tie Your Shoes > JB Rap > Pusherman > Drums (w/John Yaku) > Guilded Splinters
Source: Sony ECM-150 > Sony D6

16 November 1998 – Buffalo, NY – SUNY Buffalo
Proving Ground > Fixin to Die > One Arm Steve > Fishwater > Proving Ground
Source: Schoeps MK4 > VMS021B > DA-P1 (FOB/ORTF)