1: We’re So Glad You Could Make It

For the inaugural episode of The Bluest Tape, we charge headlong into the stellar Spring Tour of 1996. Coming on the heels of Sit n Ski, the band returned to the Midwest, Southeast, and East Coast for a 26-show tour that featured some not just some of Panic’s best playing to date, but some of the best in its 30-plus year history. Join us as stop for fantastic first set selections from Columbia, MO and Johnson City, TN, and a wild and raucous second set closer from Buckhannon, West-By-God-Virginia.

Links below go to whole show streams from Panicstream.

26 March 1996 – Columbia, MO – Jesse Auditorium, University of

Set 1: Walk On > Tall Boy > Tie Your Shoes >
Galleon > Love Tractor
Source: AKG 451 > SV-250

28 March 1996 – Johnson City, TN – Freedom Hall
Set 1:
Vacation > Rebirtha > Porch Song (21:50)
Source: FOB Schoeps CMC64>sonosax>d10proII by Ryan Varnum

20 April 1996 – Buckhannon, WV – Rockafeller Center, West Va.
Wesleyan College

Set 2: Papa’s > Floozie > Drums > Papa’s >
Source: SBD

20 April 1996: Junior > A of D (check out the body surfing!)
20 April 1996: Better Off > Pigeons