Episode 116: Effective Transition


In Episode 116 we discuss Phish’s 2022 NYE Run and share the similarities to their NYE Run from 1998. From here we discuss the use of effects in transitional periods for some of our favorite artists before spending some time discussing a genre we’ve long loved: Shoegaze. Highlighting a few newer Shoegaze bands we discuss the overall scene and why so few Shoegaze bands evolve beyond the mainstay sounds of the genre.


Songs featured in this episode:


  • U2: “Zooropa”
  • Neil Young: “Walk With Me”
  • Talk Talk: “Life’s What You Make It”
  • For Tracy Hyde: “Kodiak”
  • Velveteen: “Entwined”
  • They Are Gutting a Body of Water: “KMart Amen Break”


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