Episode 110: Orlando Stash

In Episode 110 we discuss the wild and expansive take on Stash from November 14, 1995 in Orlando, Florida. A version which seamlessly moves into Manteca and Dog Faced Boy before closing with Stash, it’s a clear example of the musical heights the band had reached by November 1995, and the musical themes they were toying with as they transitioned towards their 1997–1998 peak that would come. 

As part of the Osiris Phish podcast ‘November Project’, along with Under The Scales and Helping Friendly Podcast, we are examining Phish’s output in November 1995 as it led to the December 1995 peak. We’d encourage you to check out their episodes which were released earlier this month to get full context for Phish’s Fall 1995 Tour.

Under The Scales

Episode 076: November 1995 w/ Brad Sands

Helping Friendly Podcast

Episode 187: November 1995

As we noted in the episode, we encourage you to check out Rob Mitchum’s Essay Series tracking every Phish show on its 25th Anniversary!

Songs featured in this episode are:

Yo La Tengo: “Big Day Coming” -> “From A Motel 6”

Deftones: “Ceremony”

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: “Rebels”

Tom Petty: “Love Is A Long Road”

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In addition, we discuss two new 2020 records we highly recommend: Gunn-Truscinsky Duo: “Soundkeeper” and Low Cut Connie: “Private Lives”

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