Episode 109: Phoenix Guy Forget


In Episode 109 we discuss the hypnotic, groove-driven jam out of first Piper, and later, the debut of the joke soundcheck jam, Guy Forget. A true jam that one can never forget, this represents the last great jam of the 1.0 era, and a testament to how creative Phish was, even in their final few days as a band.


As part of the Osiris Phish podcast ‘October Project’, along with Under The Scales and Helping Friendly Podcast, we are examining Phish’s epic Fall 2000 tour. We’d encourage you to check out their episodes which were released earlier this month to get full context for Phish’s Fall 2000 Conclusion to 1.0.


Under The Scales

Pt 1: Andy Gadiel

Pt 2: John Paluska

Helping Friendly Podcast

Episode 186: October 2000 w/ Justin Bruce


Songs featured in this episode are:

Galaxie 500: “Listen, The Snow Is Falling”

Fugazi: “Full Disclosure”

The Microphones: “The Pull”

PJ Harvey: “Big Exit”


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In addition, we discuss two new 2020 records we highly recommend: James Schroeder: “Mesa Buoy” and standards: “Fruit Island”


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