Episode 107: 90’s Britpop


In Episode 107 we dive deep into the brief & brilliant peak of 1990’s Britpop, exploring the foundations of the genre, the firework of a peak, the bands that defined it, and the post-Britpop era in popular rock. A true moment in time, we focus primarily on the 1993–1997 peak era to discuss five of the most important bands of the genre, and what led to its evolutionary downfall. In addition, we discuss what it means a quarter century on from its peak. 

Songs featured in this episode are:

Blur: “Girls & Boys,” “This Is A Low”

Oasis: “Supersonic,” “Slide Away”

Pulp: “Common People,” “Disco 2000”

Suede: “The Drowners,” “So Young”

Elastica: “Connection,” “Stutter”

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We’re trying something new this October. We’re going to collaborate with Under The Scales & The Helping Friendly Podcast to bring you a month of podcasts aligned around a single theme. In October, we’re going to be examining the end of Phish 1.0, with a particular focus on October 2000. In the first week, you’ll hear Tom interview a very special guest on Under the Scales while discussing the closing of the Phish Organization. In week two, HF Pod will do an exploration of the tour and talk about the end of Phish 1.0, while hearing from fans about the tour experience. In week three, the Beyond the Pond team will do a deep dive on the “Phoenix Guy Forget” while highlighting other bands connected to the jam’s theme. And in week four, we’ll bring you a special segment. All of these episodes will be available on their normal feeds, so we encourage you to subscribe to all three shows. If this works well — and most importantly, if you all like it — we’ll try it again! Thank you for your ongoing support of our show and of Osiris. Look forward to collaborating with our friends on a massive Phish Deep Dive!

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