Episode 106: Dick’s Sand / NMINML

In Episode 106 we pay tribute to Phish’s 2010’s Tradition of closing each summer at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO, highlighting two incredible runs & jams, the Sand from September 2, 2012, and No Men In No Man’s Land from September 2, 2016. The former capped off the best run we’ve ever seen at Dick’s, jamming within the grooves of Sand for 12min before diving off the deep-end into a gummy-induced spacious exploration which predicted some of the best jams of the last 3 years. The latter built into a wall of sound just two songs into its run, jamming with aggression and purpose, all the while pulling Phish out of the malaise of Summer 2016 and into a resounding peak period for the next 16 months. 

Songs featured in this episode are:

Kiki Pau: “Hiisi Pt II”


Emeralds: “Disappearing Ink”

Fucked Up: “Year Of The Tiger”

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In addition, we discuss two new 2020 records we highly recommend: Zachary Cale: “False Spring” and The Storehouse Presents!

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