Episode 089: Albuquerque Bowie

In Episode 089 we discuss the advanced jam off David Bowie from April 8, 1992. At a time when the band was rarely flirting with deep improv, this shock jam off David Bowie hears them toying with a Tweezer Reprise jam before experimenting with Post-Peak Jamming in a calypso-ladened jam that feels four years ahead of its time. 

Songs featured in this episode are: Daniel Lanois: “Panorama,” Calexico: “The Black Heart,” The Kinks: “Do You Remember Walter?,” Pixies: “Bone Machine”

In addition, we discuss two new 2020 records we highly recommend: Futurebirds: “Teamwork” and Bonnie Light Horseman: “Bonnie Light Horseman”

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Founded in 1996, The Mockingbird Foundation is a volunteer-run non-profit organization dedicated to improving access to music education for America’s youth. Each year, the Foundation awards grants to dozens of music education programs, and funds those grants through a combination of fundraising, publishing, and the curation of Phish.net, one of the earliest Internet fan communities.

Mockingbird is entirely volunteer, with no staff, no salaries, and no office — so every dollar really does make a difference in providing children’s music programs with the staffing, instruments, and support they need. The foundation gives over 100–150,000 dollars every year in grants.

To donate or to learn more, visit mbird.org. That’s M-B-I-R-D — dot- org

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