Episode 088: Broadway Phish w/ Kevin Finkel, David Rossmer & Elizabeth Nestlerode

In Episode 088 we’re joined by Kevin Finkel, Dave Rossmer and Elizabeth Nestlerode to discuss the crossovers between Phish and the larger world of Broadway. Dave and Kevin grew up together and are both Broadway fanatics. Dave & Elizabeth are both seasoned vets of the scene, both acting in Rossmer’s The Other Josh Cohen, and Nestlerode performing in Once. In addition, both are massive Phish fans, with Nestlerode receiving bass lessons from Mike Gordon ahead of acting in Josh Cohen. 

A wide-ranging conversation emerges, touching on Rossmer’s & Nestlerode’s larger careers, how they came to be Phish fans, and important touch points between the scenes. In addition, we feature a number of songs from the world of Broadway which our three guests seamlessly connect to some of their favorite Phish songs. All-in-all, this was a fascinating deep dive into a musical universe that Phish has more and more brought into their own work for inspiration and experimentation over the last decade. 

Songs discussed in this episode are: Floyd Collins: “How The Glory Goes,” George Salazar & Joe Iconis: “The Goodbye Song,” Hedwig & The Angry Inch: “Wig In A Box,” Once: “If You Want Me,” Once: “When Your Mind’s Made Up,” Blood Brothers (The Musical): “Shoes Upon The Table,” The Who: “Tommy”

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