Episode 073: Trento Taste

In Episode 073 we focus on the oft-overlooked, somewhat maligned, Summer 1996 European Tour, and highlight the bizarre "Taste -> Llama" that closed out the Tour-Opening set, and featured Carlos Santana & Karl Perazzo. One of the more shocking moments from a tour that featured 13 single-set opening slots for Santana, this was, of note, the only time Carlos would join Phish on stage throughout the month.

Songs featured in this episode are: Lou Reed: "Street Hassle" w/ Bruce Springsteen, The Baseball Project: "Don’t Call Them Twinkies" w/ Craig Finn, Blackway: "New Life," Girogio Moroder: "Chase," and Laura Branigan: "Self Control"

In addition, we discuss two new 2019 records we highly recommend: Bobby Krilic: "Midsommar: Original Soundtrack" and Darren Hayman: "12 Astronauts"

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