Episode 067: Cypress SOAM

In Episode 067 we dive into our first of three episodes in 2019 focusing on the magic of Big Cypress. Up first is the lilting and gorgeous take on "Split Open & Melt -> Catapult" that caught everyone by surprise late into the Millennium Eve’s first set. A sublime take on a song that’s rarely known for its beauty  –  save for 07/06/2013  -  this fit the setting and the blissful spin into Y2K the band employed during the final few days of the previous Millennium.

Of note, our very own Brian Brinkman wrote about December 1999 in a two-part series for Phish.Net this past December. Have a read here & here.

Songs featured in this episode are: Beck: "Mixed Bizness," Super Furry Animals: "Northern Lites," Blur: "Tender," and The Olivia Tremor Control: "California Demise 3"

In addition, we discuss two new 2019 records we highly recommend: Craig Finn: "I Need A New War," and These New Puritans: "Inside The Rose"

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