Episode 065: Radiohead w/ Myke “Lawn Memo” Menio

In Episode 065 we deep-dive one of our favorite bands of all time: Radiohead. To do so, we’ve brought on one of our favorite podcasters, and our good friend, Myke "Lawn Memo" Menio (@lawnmemo) to help us break down their career.

Myke is a longtime Phish fan who’s as active as anyone in the Phish-analysis corner of the fanbase. From The Daily Ghost to his recaps of the previous Summer Tour leading up to the next Tour Opener, to his fantastic podcast, The Daily Soundcheck, he’s one of the true forces for good in our little universe. In addition, Myke is also a huge Radiohead fan. We had a great time chatting with him about the band, and walking through their discography together. Even if you’re a total noob to Radiohead, or a longtime fan as well, there’s lots in here to convince all of their greatness.

Songs featured in this episode are: (Intros) "There, There," "The National Anthem," "Morning Bell/Amnesiac" // "Blow Out" – Pablo Honey (1993), "Planet Telex" – The Bends (1995), "Paranoid Android" – OK Computer (1997), "Everything In Its Right Place" – Kid A (2000), "Pyramid Song" – Amnesiac (2001), "2+2=5" – Hail To The Thief (2003), "15 Steps" – In Rainbows (2007), "Separator" – The King Of Limbs (2011), "Decks Dark" – A Moon Shaped Pool (2016)

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