Episode 064: Augusta Reba

In Episode 064 we discuss the dim and expansive version of "Reba" from Augusta, Maine on October 19, 2010. One of the most fascinating & boundary-pushing jams of Fall 2010, this reflected a band that found their weird side again through a two-week tour of Northeastern industrial cities & Minor League Hockey Arenas. One of only four times "Reba" has ever encored, this capped off a really fascinating show that saw the band toying with their setlist and jamming with purpose, a clear turning point in early-3.0.

Songs featured in this episode are: Neil Young & Crazy Horse: "Change Your Mind," The Strokes: "Happy Ending," Dizzy Gillespie: "Salt Peanuts," "Cool Breeze"

In addition, we discuss two new 2019 records we highly recommend: Fennesz: "Agora," and The Chemical Brothers: "No Geography"

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