Episode 062: Deeper Into Tengo w/ Jesse Jarnow

In Episode 062 we’re joined by Jesse Jarnow (@bourgwick) to discuss one of our favorite bands of all time: Yo La Tengo. We’ve long wanted to dive deep into the history, live show experience, B-Sides, influences, and enduring legacy of Yo La Tengo, and were stoked to sit down with one of our favorite writers, radio hosts, and fellow Osiris Podcaster (Alternate Routes) for the episode.

No matter if you’re casually curious, woefully ignorant, or a longtime fan of the trio from Hoboken, there’s more than enough here for all of you. Jesse is a phenomenal guide through the world of Yo La Tengo. Within this episode we cover their nearly-annual Hanukkah shows, the formation and arc of their career, Ira Kaplan’s Dead fandom, their live shows, partnership with comedians, and much more.

Songs featured in this episode are: Yo La Tengo: "Deeper Into Movies," "Sugarcube," "Green Arrow," "The Love Life Of The Octopus," "By The Time It Gets Dark," "Everyday," "The Story of Jazz," (Maxwell’s - 12/10/2012) "Two Trains," "Sister Ray" (Maxwell’s - 12/10/2012), Grateful Dead: "Playing In The Band" - 08/06/1974, Condo Fucks: "What’cha Gonna Do About It"

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If you liked this episode, please check out, in addition to Alternate Routes, Jesse’s Radio Show of WFMU, The Frow Show, which airs from 12–3am every Monday Night. If you can’t stay up every week for the live airing, you can also revisit it in the WFMU App.

In addition, Jesse is the author of three great books we’d encourage you to check out: Big Day Coming - Yo La Tengo & The Rise of Indie Rock, Heads - A Biography of Psychedelic America, and Wasn’t That A Time - The Weavers, the Blacklist, and the Battle for the Soul of America.

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