Episode 056: Top Sets of 2018 + Musical Diversions w/ Steven Hyden

In Episode 056 we are joined once again by rock music writer & Phish Ambassador, Steven Hyden (@Steven_Hyden), to discuss our five favorite sets of 2018, plus chat about other historical examples of bands pulling a Kasvot Vaxt. We dive deep into the nuances of the last year for Phish as well as showcase the historical precedent  –  and lack thereof  -  for Phish’s 2018 Halloween Performance.

Our Top 5 Sets of 2018: Brian – HM: Commerce City, CO - 08/31/18 II, 05. Alpharetta, GA - 08/04/18 II, 04. George, WA - 07/22/18 II, 03. Las Vegas, NV - 11/02/18 II, 02. Las Vegas, NV - 10/31/18 II, 01. New York, NY - 12/30/18 II; Steven – HM: Alpharetta, GA - 08/04/18 II, 05. Rosemont, IL - 10/27/18 II, 04. George, WA - 07/22/18 II, 03. New York, NY - 12/30/18 II, 02. Nashville, TN - 10/23/18 II, 01. New York, NY - 12/29/18 II; David – HM: Las Vegas, NV - 11/02/18 I, 05. Los Angeles, CA - 07/28/18 II, 04. San Francisco, CA - 07/24/18 II, 03. Rosemont, IL - 10/26/18 I, 02. New York, NY - 10/29/18 II, 01. Nashville, TN - 10/23/18 II

In addition, we discuss two records we connect to Kasvot Vaxt within the larger Rock lineage: The Fireman: Strawberries, Oceans, Ships, Forest and Rush: Clockwork Angels

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