Episode 049: Murat Antelope

In Episode 049 we visit June 1994  -  somehow our first 1994 jam  –  to discuss the underrated, forward-thinking Run Like An Antelope from June 24, 1994 at The Murat Theatre in Indianapolis, IN. A classic 1994 jam, this is equal parts experimental, indulgent, confident and arrogant. Here, the band displays their prescient playing, foreshadowing the creation of the song First Tube some five years before its debut. In addition, there is a full-on Down With Disease jam that fits the era perfectly.

Songs featured in this episode are: Pavement: "Rattled By The Rush," Foals: "Inhaler," Vampire Weekend: "Diane Young," and Art Blakey: "Free For All"

In addition, we discuss two new 2018 records we highly recommend: Low: "Double Negative," and One Eleven Heavy: "Everything’s Better"

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