Episode 048: i rokk w/ Ben Greenfield & Phish’s 2018 Vegas Storm

In Episode 048 we are joined by friend of the pod, Ben Greenfield (@GuyForgetOPT) to discuss Phish’s 2018 Halloween Album  -  Kasvot Vaxt: "i rokk " -  and then we break down the rest of the band’s phenomenal Las Vegas Run. In a stunning move, the band debuted a new album of brand new material  –  for the third times in five years  -  here donning the moniker, Kasvot Vaxt, a fictional Scandinavian band that had supposedly crafted a single album in 1981 before disbanding. One of the best pranks the band has pulled on their fanbase  –  in a career filled with them  –  what made this especially great was the fact that the music produced during the Halloween set was so classic Phish and forward thinking all at the same time.

Songs featured in this episode are: Prince: "I Would Die 4 U," Camille: "Housequake," XTC: "Summer’s Cauldron," Dukes Of Stratosphere: "Vanishing Girl," Ratto je Lehtisalo: "Valonnopeus," and Baby Grandmothers: "Somebody Keeps Calling My Name"

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