Episode 037: Walnut Creek Jim

In Episode 037 we discuss the expansive, relentless, sometimes terrifying, others delicately beautiful, Runaway Jim from June 16, 1995 at Walnut Creek Amphitheater in Raleigh, North Carolina. An archetypical Summer 1995 jam, this sees Phish mess with noise and sonic walls of sound in effort to find a musical connection far beyond the reaches of melody and accessible music.

Songs featured in this episode are: Mark McGuire: "Brain Storm (For Erin)," Spiritualized: "I Think I’m In Love," The Caretaker: "Moments of Sufficient Lucidity," Low Cut Connie: "Beverly."

In addition, we discuss two new 2018 records we highly recommend: Deeper: "Deeper," and Rolling Blackouts Costal Fever: "Hope Down."

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