Episode 027: Phish Pandora

In Episode 027, we turned to you, the listeners, for inspiration! Through a poll run last month, we were recommended four excellent jams to cover. Rather than focus on each in a single episode, we spun these out into unique mini-playlists, creating thematic Pandora-esque deep-dives.

Matt Burnham — @therealburnham
“You Enjoy Myself” — 06/11/1994 —
Built To Spill: “Carry The Zero,”
Sebadoh: “Rebound,”
Superchunk: “The First Part,”
Dinosaur Jr.: “Start Choppin’,”
Sugar: “Your Favorite Thing”

Wolf Guitar — @WolfGuitar
“Mike’s Song” — 11/21/1995 —
Beach House: “Zebra,”
Deerhunter: “He Would Have Laughed,”
Animal Collective: “What Would I Want? Sky,”
Blur: “Good Song,”
Caveman: “In The City”

Jedd Marcus — @j_marc79
“Wolfman’s Brother” — 10/31/1998 —
The Microphones: “The Glow,”
Flying Lotus: “Sultan’s Request,”
Slint: “Breadcrumb Trail,”
Tim Buckley: “Star Sailor,”
Scott Walker: “Jesse”

Colby Pacheco — @MobileCheco
“The Moma Dance” — 02/26/2003 —
White Denim: “Anvil Everything,”
Broken Social Scene: “7/4 (Shoreline),”
Spoon: “Written In Reverse,”
Destroyer: “3000 Flowers,”
The Kinks: “Starstruck”

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