Episode 025: From Genesis To Revelation w/ Tom Marshall (Pt II)

In Episode 025, we sit down with Tom Marshall — Phish lyricist & longtime friend of Trey Anastasio — for a wide-ranging discussion about his songwriting, his musical influences, and the stories behind a number of great Phish songs.

Part II focuses on Tom’s personal musical journey. Starting when he was a teenager , we track his three big pillars — Yes, Genesis (Peter Gabriel), and Brian Eno — and discuss some of his favorite songs, as well as how they helped to shape his own songwriting approach. In addition, we discuss some notable mistakes in the recording of certain Tom/Trey tunes, and how the mistakes defined the songs going forward. We also listen to a very secret, demo version of “Secret Smile.”

Songs featured in this episode are:

David Bowie: “TVC51,” Jesus Christ Superstar: “King Herod’s Story,” Yes: “Roundabout,” “And You & I,” “The Fish,” Genesis: “Carpet Crawlers,” Brian Eno: “I’ll Come Running,” Phish: “I’ll Come Running” (05/16/95), King Crimson: “Discipline,” Phish: “Brian & Robert” (07/02/98), David Bowie: “Stay,” Phish: “Backwards Down The Number Line” (Demo), “Secret Smile” (Demo Unreleased), “Backwards Down The Number Line” (07/28/17), “Ghost” (Demo), “Mike’s Song” (08/04/15), King Crimson: “Easy Money”

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