Episode 011: MSG Tube / ASIHTOS

In Episode 011, we discuss not one, but TWO jams from the first eight nights of the Baker’s Dozen: the Tube from N5 (Powdered) 07/26/2017, and the A Song I Heard The Ocean Sing from N8 (Jimmies) 07/30/2017. Two polar opposite jams, they showcase the diverse playing, and consistent experimentation by Phish throughout the Baker’s Dozen. Songs featured in this episode are: The Happy Mondays: "Step On," Primal Scream: "Come Together," The Charlatans, "The Only One I Know," Tim Hecker: "Live Room," Oneohtrix Point Never: "Child of Rage," and Boards of Canada: "Reach For The Dead." In addition, we discuss two new 2017 records we highly recommend: Wooden Wand: "Clipper Ship," and Nicole Atkins: "Goodnight Rhonda Lee." Check us out on Spotify: Beyond The Pond Podcast Songs You can find us on Twitter: @_beyondthepond, Medium: https://medium.com/beyond-the-pond, and/or send us an email: beyondthepondpodcast@gmail.com. Please leave us a review on iTunes!