Episode 006: Fukuoka Twist

In Episode 006, we discuss one of the most patient Ambient jams Phish has ever played: the 06/14/2000 Twist. This is one of the peak jams of 2000, and the best representation of the sound the band explored post-Big Cypress during their week-long tour of Japan. Songs featured in this episode are: Stars of the Lid: "Requiem For Dying Mothers Pt. 1," William Basinski: "Disintegration Loop 1.1," Talk Talk: "Eden," Yo La Tengo: "Autumn Sweater," "Everyday," and "More Stars Than There Are In Heaven." In addition, we discuss two new 2016 records we highly recommend: The New Pornographers: "Whiteout Conditions," and The Necks: "Unfold." Check us out on Spotify: Beyond The Pond Podcast Playlist You can find us on Twitter: @_beyondthepond, Medium: https://medium.com/beyond-the-pond, and/or send us an email: beyondthepondpodcast@gmail.com. Please leave us a review on iTunes!