Episode 002: Hampton Bag

Welcome back to Beyond The Pond! Hosted by Brian Brinkman and David Goldstein, our goal is to use the music of Phish to introduce you, the listener, to a diverse assortment of music. Through the medium of great Phish jams, we’re going to dive into music history, draw parallels with a wide range of genres, and discuss some of our favorite bands & albums. We hope you dig it! Our second episode focuses on the 11/21/1997 AC/DC Bag from Hampton Coliseum. This is the first version of AC/DC Bag to ever leave its musical structure and improvise. It’s also a great example of Phish’s – and especially Trey Anastasio’s – experimentation with the Shoegaze Genre. Songs selected for this episode are: My Bloody Valentine: "Only Shallow," Ride: "Leave Them All Behind," Galaxie 500: "Don’t Let Our Youth Go To Waste," Animal Collective: "In The Flowers," and Miles Davis: "In A Silent Way." In addition, we discuss two new 2017 records we highly recommend: Craig Finn "We All Want The Same Thing," and Pallbearer "Heartless." Check us out on Spotify: "Beyond The Pond Podcast Playlist" You can find us on Twitter: @_beyondthepond, Medium: https://medium.com/beyond-the-pond, and/or send us an email: beyondthepondpodcast@gmail.com. Please leave us a review on iTunes! Finally, we want to give thanks to three fantastic Podcasts who have helped us immensely in getting up & running: Check out the Helping Friendly Podcast for ALL things Phish, Under The Scales for fantastic interviews with key members of the larger Phish community, and Brokedown Podcast for an inventive approach to curating Grateful Dead history.