Episode 5: From Dead to Worse

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On episode 5 of Beautiful Garbage, Kevin dives into the dawn of the punk scene in England, tracing the origins of some of the most consequential bands in punk history.  From Dead To Worse weighs the impact that American punk rock had on what would become a sprawling punk scene in the UK.  From the Ramones 1976 4th of July concert in London to Malcolm McLaren’s unconventional method of assembling the Sex Pistols, we’ll examine the musical, cultural, and social conditions that allowed punk to reach the ears of frustrated teenagers across the pond.


In this episode Kevin looks at the impact that The Ramones had on legendary artists such as Johnny Rotten, as well as McLaren’s manipulation of punk music through fashion.  We’ll hear about the social factors that made England the perfect home for the growth of an explosive punk scene, and you’ll hear archival commentary from some of the most impactful figures of the era.  As punk began to make its way across the ocean, new possibilities for the young genre began to erupt out of the pub rock scene, and you won’t want to miss how it all went down backstage- only on Beautiful Garbage.

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