Episode 3: Bad Girls and Sick Boys


Beautiful Garbage is an Osiris Media podcast exploring how America unleashed punk rock on the world, tracing its development from American garages and bars to England in the mid 1970s and back.

In Episode 3, Bad Girls and Sick Boys, we travel into New York’s underbelly where a dive bar on The Bowery became the midwife for punk. Kevin takes listeners on a tour through the concrete jungle, from Hilly Kristal opening CBGB to Patti Smith redefining what it means to be a front ”man”, and much more.

We’ll hear voices of the youth rebellion against the corporatization of rock and how women like Debbi Harry and Patti Smith tore down gender norms, as well as timeless archival interviews with giants of the era including Blondie and the Ramones.

Beautiful Garbage is an Osiris Media Production. Written and Narrated by Kevin Hogan. The Executive Producer is Adam Caplan. Production, Mastering, and Artwork by Brad Stratton. Visit Osirispod.com to discover more content that connects you to the music you love.


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