Alternate Routes: In the Sugar Rain

Alternate Routes

with Jesse Jarnow

1. Gunn/Truscinski Duo – “Sugar”

from Live at WFMU on Surface Noise with Joe McGasko, April 16, 2018 (Free Music Archive)

2. John Andrews & the Yawns – “Double-Sided Coin”

from Freedom of the Press benefit compilation (Kith & Kin)

3. Jeremy Barnes – “Rain Flows Down Like a River”

from Summer ’16 (L-M Duplication)

4. Drunken Foreigner Band – “Akha 1”

from White Guy Disease (Electric Cowbell)

5. Garcia Peoples – “One Step Behind > Hangin’ On”

NYCTaper recording made at Wonders of Nature, Brooklyn, NY, June 10, 2018

all tracks posted with permission of artists/labels