Past, Present, Future, Live!

Hey, After Midnight listeners! We wanted to tell you about a brand new podcast that we’ve been working on, called Past, Present, Future, Live! This is an interview with Maggie Rose, a singer-songwriter who has had a really interesting journey through the Nashville music scene and the jamband scene and beyond. And of course she ends the show with some live tunes, including an amazing Phish cover. Please subscribe and leave us a review!

Past, Present, Future, Live! is a weekly interview show where we talk to a musician about their journey, in four parts. We go all the way back to their first musical memory, talk about what they’re working on now, and look forward to the things keeping they still want to do. Each episode ends with an exclusive live performance and includes a Spotify playlist co-curated by the guest. You can check out other episodes with people like Eric Krasno, Rhett Miller and Marco Benevento. Thanks for checking it out.


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