Episode 86: An Evening with Bukowski Featuring Silvia Bizio

In this episode of Across The Margin : The Podcast the life and legacy of famed poet, novelist, and short story writer Charles Bukowski is explored through an interview with Italian journalist and film producer Silvia Bizio. In 1981 Bizio had the opportunity to conduct an expansive video interview with Buskowski that spanned seven hours where they explored a bevy of subjects including writing, sex, love, and humanity. This conversation ultimately became the basis for a recently released documentary entitled You Never Knew It — An Evening with Bukowski where viewers can experience this lengthy conversation that took place at the height of Bukowski’s literary success in January of 1981 at his home in San Pedro, California. 

Bukowski, well-known for his novels such as Post Office, Factotum, Women, and Ham on Rye, is renowned for brilliantly penning tales about the lives of poor Americans, the act of writing, relationships with women, and the drudgery of work. He wrote thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories and six novels, eventually publishing over sixty books. In this episode, Bukowski’s legacy is probed through Bizio’s profound insight garnered during their multiple encounters and in this interview she expounds upon their trusting relationship, the particulars of their discussion that fateful evening, and the incredible story of how the documentary came to life. Join in an episode which acts as an ode to the “laureate of American lowlife.”


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