Episode 84: The Future Earth with Eric Holthaus

In this episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast host Michael Shields interviews the author of The Future Earth: A Radical Vision For What’s Possible in The Age of Warming, Eric Holthaus. Holthaus is a leading journalist on all things meteorological and Climate Change who has written regularly for the Wall Street Journal, Slate, Grist, and The Correspondent — where he currently covers humanity’s interconnected relationship with the Earth’s dynamic climate. The Future of Earth is widely considered the first authentically hopeful book about Climate Change and one that expertly maps out to readers how to reverse the short and long-term effects of this looming catastrophe over the next three decades. Anchored by world-class reporting, interviews with futurists, climatologists, biologists, economists, and Climate Change activists, The Future Earth offers up a radical vision of our future and shows what the world could look like if we implemented sweeping solutions equal to the scale of the crises we face. The Future Earth is the quintessential book for anyone who feels anxious and overwhelmed by the current state of our environment, and this episode channels hope, inviting listeners to imagine how we can reverse the effects of Climate Change in our own lifetime. Eric’s book encourages us to enter into a deeper relationship with the Earth as conscientious stewards and to reaffirm our commitment to one another in our shared humanity. In this episode Eric and Michael discuss a bevy of critical ideas present within The Future Earth, such as the idea that the Climate movement is intrinsically woven into social and racial justice movements, the concept of a “circular economy,” the power of storytelling in Climate activism, and much more. Ultimately, this episode highlights that now, as the world is rapidly changing, we are given the opportunity to reimagine how our world works entirely — and thus conceive a future in which everyone matters.

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