Episode 71: Skid Row Marathon


In this latest episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast, host Michael Shields interviews director Mark Hayes and producer Gabriel Hayes, the filmmakers behind the recently released documentary Skid Row Marathon. Skid Row Marathon tells the tale of a criminal court judge who starts a running club on L.A.’s notorious skid row and begins training a motley group of addicts and criminals to run marathons, and soon lives begin to change. The deeply affecting documentary follows four runners as they rise from the mean streets of L.A. to run marathons around the world, fighting the pull of homelessness and addiction at every turn. Their story is one of hope, friendship, and dignity.

In this episode, Michael, Mark, and Gabriel discuss at length the benevolent, inspiring judge at the heart of the film (Judge Craig Mitchell), the many challenges it took to bring the documentary to life (particularly in gaining the trust of the subjects from skid row), the many moving and encouraging life lessons one can learn from the documentary, and much, much more.

Skid Row Marathon is available now! At Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Fandango Now, and Vimeo Now!

More information at SkidRowMarathon.com.