Episode 104: Saint Disruption’s Jeff Firewalker Schmitt

This episode of Across The Margin: The Podcast presents an interview with musician, folk healer, ceremonialist, and scientist Jeff Firewalker Schmitt. Schmitt, along with renowned jazz musician John Medeski (Medeski Martin & Wood), have formed a musical collaborative called Saint Disruption that brings together musicians, video artists, and visionaries to create music, art, and experiences that explore the human condition. Saint Disruption, in conjunction with its record label Root Doctor Media, is a model for harnessing collective wisdom, self-organization, recording technology and creative artistry to create compelling works of beauty. Profits from their works are used to support the greater good through alliances with NGOs and nonprofits. Schmitt is also the founder of the Eagle Condor Council and Tobacco Freedom, and is an advocate for indigenous healing and wisdom traditions while working closely with the Wisdom Keepers. As both a noted scientist and practitioner of Peruvian Folk medicine, he seeks to build bridges of understanding. He is a challenging and evocative speaker/storyteller who in 2011 presented the first TEDx talk on Ayahuasca — inspired by his life-changing sojourn with the Secoya of the Amazon rainforest. In this episode host Michael Shields and Schmitt dig into the origins of, and inspiration behind, Saint Disruption, discuss the charitable aims of the collective, explore the profoundly socially conscious themes of the music, and speculate on all that might lie ahead for this exciting, multi-faceted project. 


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