Dick’s Vol. 17 – 09/25/91, Boston, MA (w/ David Lemieux)

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In this week’s episode we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 17 from the Boston Garden in Boston, MA on September 25, 1991. In addition, this show features two bonus tracks from Charlotte, NC on March 31, 1991. Midway through a fantastic run at the Garden, and in some of the last shows the band would play with Bruce Hornsby, this is a great peek into the consistency of The Dead in 1991, and the benefits of playing extended gigs during this period. Steve & Rob are joined by Dead Archivist, David Lemieux, who made this his first pick in the series, for a fantastic conversation about the Grateful Dead organization & his approach to picking releases. 

Disco One opens with a hot “Help -> Slip -> Franklin’s” before “It Must Have Been The Roses” and “Dire Wolf” provide the surprise Double Jerry dip. Disc Two flows with jamming precision. Kicking off with the dimly lit “Victim Or The Crime,” the disc peaks with the “Playing -> Terrapin” jam session, which only goes to showcase the similarities of the two songs. Disc Three opens with the rare cover of Paul McCartney’s “That Would Be Something,” before diving into an endless run of Set Closers. The bonus material is highlighted by one of the best “Eyes Of The World” of the 90’s, and one of the best versions of it we’ve featured on the show. An absolute gem to spin, it showcases the experimental communication of the Hornsby years. 

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