Dick’s Picks Vol. 8 – 5/2/70, Binghamton, NY


Welcome back to 36 from the Vault! In Episode 9 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 8, from Harpur College in Binghamton, NY on May 2,1970. A fascinating volume which sees The Grateful Dead just four months on from their phenomenal run at Fillmore East, documented in Dick’s Picks Vol. 4. Here we see them feature their newest songs, set to be recorded for Workingman’s Dead and American Beauty, in their acoustic set, while allowing their electric set as a review of their career through the 1960s. In the acoustic set, songs like “Friend Of The Devil,” “Dire Wolf,” and “Black Peter” sound raised from the dirt. It’s a peek towards where The Dead will go in the early 70s, as many of their best songs will debut over the next three years. In the electric set, we hear the psych-rock freak-outs of the 60s on their last legs, as “Good Lovin’,” “Viola Lee Blues” and “Dancing In The Streets” showcase the best of The Dead we’re leaving behind. Historically, this may be the biggest transition we’ve heard from The Dead in the entire Dick’s Picks series.

Steven and Rob focus on the decision Roberts must make with their name, the explosion of ideas between Garcia/Hunter, what The Dead would do to push themselves forward in the early 70s, and much more. 

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