Dick’s Picks Vol. 7 – 09/09-11/74, London, ENG

Welcome back to 36 from the Vault! In Episode 8 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 7, from the Alexandra Palace in London, ENG on September 9-11,1974. Deep in the Wall of Sound Era, we find the Dead in London for a rough tour just before their extended hiatus began, and a compilation set – the first since DP4, where Dick showcases the best of the run. Highlights abound as Phil sounds his strongest we’ve heard thus far in the series, and the band is at perhaps their jamming peak. If nothing else, you must check out the “Playing In The Band” from Disc 1, “Weather Report Suite,” “Truckin’ -> Wood Green Jam” from Disc 2, and the “Dark Star -> Spam Jam -> Morning Dew” from Disc 3. It’s a wild experience hearing a compilation that flows like a complete show, and provides a fantastic snapshot of the band on the precipice of a major transition. 

Steven and Rob focus on the challenges facing the band in 1974, the looming hiatus, the experiments between Phil Lesh and Ned Langin on “Seastones,” and the dramatic shift in their sound from our last volume from the early 70s: DP4, to now.

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