Dick’s Picks Vol. 6 – 10/14/83, Hartford, CT


Welcome back to 36 from the Vault! In Episode 6 we explore Dick’s Picks Vol. 6, from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, CT on October 14, 1983. A bit of a blind spot in larger Dead History, we find the band in the middle of a successful Fall Tour, where their sound has evolved significantly since their initial peaks in the 1970s. While Set I fails to lift off in the way many initial sets had in the Dick’s Picks series thus far, the Second set is uniquely strong, featuring the first “Scarlet Begonias -> Fire On The Mountain” released yet in the series. From there, the band moves through “Estimated Prophet” before a wild and spacey “Eyes Of The World” highlights the set before moving into “Drums -> Space.” The final peak of the show comes in an emotive “Stella Blue” that set the standard for many A-late Set II 80’s comedown. 

Steven and Rob focus on the static nature of the early-80’s in Dead history, discussing their relationship to popular acts of the time like Talking Heads & Dire Straits, the side projects that dominated much of this time, and the health issues that began to creep into the band. 

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