Dick’s Picks Vol. 35 — 8/7/71 + 8/24/71 + 8/6/71 San Diego, CA / Chicago, IL / Hollywood, CA


In this week’s episode of 36 From The Vault, we visit 1971 for the very first time since Dick’s Picks Vol. 2, for a very special set of shows, unheard of by any fan until 2005. Featuring the complete shows from 8/7/71 in San Diego, CA and 8/24/71 in Chicago, IL, along with snippets of 8/6/71 in Hollywood, CA, it’s a fascinating peek into the evolving nature of The Dead on the cusp of their 1972 renaissance period.


Disc One features the complete first set from 8/24 + the “Truckin’” Set II Opener. Disc One is highlighted by a brilliant “Hard To Handle,” making its Dick’s Picks debut. On Disc Two we hear a tight take on “China Cat Sunflower -> I Know You Rider” plus a stunning “Sing Me Back Home.” The highlight might very well be the incredible jam out of “Going Down The Road Feelin’ Bad” which then segues into “Johnny B Goode.”


Disc Three picks up the thread in Chicago and features a gorgeous cut of Pigpen’s “Empty Pages,” alongside a still-in-progress “Brown-Eyed Women.” Later, “Not Fade Away -> GDTRFB -> NFA” shines in the fusion between country jammin’ and punkish psychedelia.


Disc Four closes the set with a segment from the 8/6 show in Hollywood and features some of the only improv of the set in the way of “The Other One -> Me & My Uncle -> The Other One.” A haunting “Morning Dew” leads to a 25min “Lovelight” closer which shines a light on the wonders of Pigpen in the twilight of his life.


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